The investment of any commercial property, especially in Auckland, is increased by being well maintained and there is no better way to protect a building than a quality paint job both exterior and interior. 

We are client focused and communicate effectively to fully understand your requirements in order to deliver the specific solutions you need.

One of our aims is to inform you of a complete understanding, regarding the technical and practical aspects of your project.

Our services have developed from many years of painting commercial and residential, interior and exterior buildings in Auckland.

We ensure you get the level of professionalism and service you deserve to get your project done well. A maintenance program is offered as an additional service.

A quote off the plans or an on site measurement is only a phone call away. Painting over any surface without proper preparation is never an option – ever.

Good preparation is the key to getting the best finish that will protect your property and have it looking it’s best for years to come, saving you money and stress.

Most time on any project is usually spent on the preparation.

We are Site Safe and OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) compliant with all the appropriate insurance policies in place.